An Inkling is like your fascinating eccentric friend who always has something stimulating and new to tell you about…who dresses impeccably, and even smells better than anyone else
— Edition 1 reader

Edition 1

Have you ever wondered about how mathematics and language might be related? Or stopped to think about how exactly our brains know to control our breathing? Or are you interested in the morality of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings? These – and a host of other fascinating questions – are answered in the inaugural edition of An Inkling.

Whether you are interested in science or literature; whether you are an academic, erudite or just love to learn new things – An Inkling’s articles will be fascinating to you.

With excellent articles on a wide range of topics researched and written by nine exceptional authors, brand new poetry by two brilliant contemporary poets, and a series of beautiful illustrations by An Inkling's inaugural artist, you are sure to find your mind opened, your logic challenged and your brain stretched by edition 1 of An Inkling.

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