Like Pigs Looking at a Watch - by Pedro Rivas

Life after death? If an afterlife exists can we understand it and what is it like? The first question is hotly debated. However, if one believes there is an existence after death, the second question can indeed be answered, at least in part. Preconceptions of what the afterlife is like range between vague and uncertain at one extreme to a rigid formulation held with certitude at the other extreme. Both are often riddled with inconsistencies. We should recognize that while there are elements of the afterlife that are beyond comprehension, there are other elements that we can discern with a high degree of confidence.

Understanding or imagining those components of the afterlife that are beyond our current experience and frame of reference may be impossible. For example, an existence which does not involve the dimension of time and hence has no past, present or future is clearly difficult to comprehend. However, other elements are well within our grasp and can help us to refute erroneous or inconsistent conceptions about the afterlife. We can indeed separate the wheat from the chaff. You may firmly believe in an afterlife or simply have an inkling as to its existence. In either case, this article should challenge you to think about what it may be like and just as importantly to understand what it cannot entail.

The author graduated from Oxford University in 1980 with a degree in Biochemistry. He went on to become a pilot in the U.S. Air Force and then joined Delta Air Lines where he currently flies the Airbus 330. He now lives in the delightful city of Charleston, South Carolina with his wife of 35 years. Applying logic to help resolve thorny problems has always intrigued him.