What do you do?

I used to be an academic, editor, and translator. Now I have branched out and work with groups and private clients as something I still find hard to define in words. Basically, I am a catalyst of change. I help people to identify and clear deep energetic blockages that prevent them from living the life they want in the way they want to, and teach techniques that help them to do just that, to explode into their true identity. One could call it energy healing. Or one could call it translation of energies — emotions, traumas, inherited stuff, beliefs, feelings — into words and into awareness. So that old, toxic emotions and energies, which are stuck in our body from old circumstances, can leave and new supportive energies can come in and inspire us. And a new supportive mindset can get you where you need to be to fulfil yourself completely! What happens in a session varies greatly from person to person because everyone is completely different, which, by the way, is why the trusted “scientific” way of proving things through randomised control trials is completely incompatible with this way of working. Practitioner courses can also have a whole range of topics. But overall, I would say, deep down this is about navigating the world, the reality we thought was reality, our inner and outer experiences, in a new way. An ecstatic, fulfilling, abundant, energetic, and connected way.


Would you describe what you do as creative? If so, how?

My work is highly creative, in fact it is ultimately about creation! It is my job to create nothing less than an alternative reality for myself and my clients (be they human, animals, even objects). What is creativity? I would say: freeing oneself from old paradigms, preconceptions, restrictions, and fears, and birthing oneself into a mental state/space from which inspired visions can make their way into form. This is what we aspire to in our sessions: creating an amazing new world for each of us. Nothing less than pure creation! Wow! I am still getting shivers thinking about the difference between the stuffy old way and what I do now. Such a blessing to have walked my walk and to be exactly where I am now.


In a couple of sentences, can you describe your daily routine?

As a mother of a young girl, co-parenting with someone I haven‘t actually been with for a long time, this is where we are struggling most at the moment. I realise clearly that my lack of structure is creating overwhelm and chaos in my life and I am changing this bit by bit. But really, I have no routines in my life anymore. We are both free-lanced and like to travel a lot so we tend to have a very spontaneous lifestyle. What I really don’t compromise on is my morning affirmations — starting the day with the right energy, creating the vibes that I enjoy — and I am getting back to exercising regularly to get rid of all excess stress hormones. Otherwise, it’s very much a family routine. Good-night stories and morning cocoa. Travelling is our routine!


What do you read/see/listen to, to inspire yourself?

First, I need to say what I don’t consume in order to help myself be inspired from within: news (on the TV and in writing) and any fear-based “entertainment”. Fear, guilt, shock, panic — all the emotions that are evoked by news and most of today’s movies etc — contract our energy field. Since my work is to feel the energies behind the surface and to sensitise myself to the vibrations that are around me, being confronted with all this charge is no fun. To me, it feels painful in the body. The truth is that we have the choice to focus on these kinds of vibrations — or not. They are not “real” in the sense that we need to surrender to them. Of course suffering is very real, but we have lost our sense of boundaries when consuming media outputs of this nature. Unless we have completely numbed ourselves, we are left feeling depressed helpless and guilty. This affects our ability to inspire, which literally means to breathe. Breathing is the opposite of how we react under stress: if we panic, we stop breathing. Breath, inspiration, expands our aura, our energy field, our connection, and brings in information and truth effortlessly. Connecting to outside drama is the best way of shutting down the stream of wisdom and love we are here to share with the world; the truth that we are innately connected to at all time — if we only allow for this to be the case. So this is what I do to spark my creativity: mental and emotional hygiene, and really sensing whether any input is for my highest and best. I am getting so much better at stopping immediately that which doesn’t feel good. Otherwise, everything that makes my energy jump and kick and makes me feel alive.


Who inspires you, and why?

Music inspires me very very strongly, it has the innate ability to shift my energetic and emotional state! I have a playlist where I collect music that touches me deeply - and it doesn’t always have to be the most sophisticated music… just songs that have certain associations or just a beat, a vibe, that makes my whole energy field explode and vibrate in the highest frequencies. The same is true for inspirational, high-vibe people. And books — but I have to say I haven’t read a novel for a long time even though I studied literature, it’s rare for me to find one that really uplifts me. This is probably a phase. At the moment, I mostly read books on healing, mindset work etc. Travelling inspires me, witnessing different cultures and life-styles. Learning more and more about how our conditioning is just something made-up, something we can pick and choose from!


Where and when do you find you work best?

At this point, as a mother, I have no longer got the luxury of asking myself that question. Right now, I am sitting in the middle of family activities, my mother asks me for advice, my daughter has two friends over, my husband is making Pizza next to me… If I have a moment to myself, I “work”. Wherever. It makes no difference. I have always enjoyed working in cafés though, and wrote most of my D.Phil in a café…


On a daily basis, how do you set yourself up to succeed?

This is something I (and I guess everyone) can always get better at, it’s a life-long work in progress, as I understand it, but the most important thing for me is: the energies I surround myself with. Every aspect is important though of course it would be overwhelming to tackle everything at once. If we pay attention, we see everything popping up just in time! I think most importantly for me, I need to surround myself with inspiring people who, in the best case, are more daring, adventurous, creative, and full of self-love than we are. They will be centred enough not to feel like energy vampires and help us shift our perception of what success is! 


What does it mean to you to be pursuing this creative, energy-healing path? What motivates you to do your energy healing?

Everything at this point, or put differently, nothing in my life isn’t touched by the insights given to me by my work. What is this really about? What is healing? In my understanding, it is deep knowledge about how we function. It is one’s growing awareness – in theory as well as in practice – that we really are connected to everything that is, ever was, and will ever be. That what we can do and achieve is limitless. It is the ability to understand on increasingly deep levels how we got hurt in the past, the fears, grudges, resentments, regrets we hold on to for protection – and the amazing chance to move beyond pain and hurt to really recreate our reality so that we can live the most irrationally abundant, happy, connected life; deep in connection not only with others and the world but primarily with ourselves, our deep needs and dreams (and really there is no separation between the outside and the inside), so that we can live as the most amazing expression of our vast potential while still being human with everything this existence entails. So having found this approach to life really means everything. There was a life before it, and it was very confusing to me. I really didn’t get how life down here was supposed to work. And how I was supposed to manoeuvre through it. Such a relief!


Obviously balancing looking after a child and working is hard – what do you to do ‘save’ your creativity (work) for later?

First of all, we just have a new addition to the family, an Au-Pair! This will allow me to be a lot more creative and spontaneous. Otherwise, I don’t really save anything for later, I receive the inspiration when it comes and follow it as much as I can. The real trick is to decide beforehand what the outcome should be rather than running behind reality. This takes a strong mindset because reality can be very overwhelming. Real, practical creativity flows in the moment and goes out into the world as a powerful manifestation that shapes the reality into something we are actually able to celebrate!


If you feel sparked by this and would like to hear more about my high-frequency no-compromise coaching approach, drop me an email at masteryinmanifestation@gmail.com!