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An Inkling is a new journal for outstanding writers to put forward outstanding written arguments on any subject at an intellectual but non-specialist level. Excellent writing is akin to excellent thinking, and so the challenge for the writer of putting forward their ideas in this way will help the writers themselves to further refine, understand and explain their own thought processes.

Writers are invited to submit abstracts for publication on this site in advance of the published issue, enabling them to benefit from promotion and endorsement of their work. Abstracts should be equally clear and written to an outstanding standard.

Writers may submit articles on any subject which interests them, and for which they are able to write on lucidly and confidently. Articles will be categorised according to the following headings (though please note that the suggested themes are not intended to be exhaustive and that abstracts are still invited on topics which do not appear to fit with the below):

  • The Maths Muse: the role numbers play in our world. For themes including economics, statistics, probability, applied & pure mathematics, engineering, cartography, etc.

  • Origins: where have we come from? For themes including history, philosophy, religion, evolution, sociohistorical maps etc.

  • The Material Sphere: the manufactured world. For themes including technology, the urban environment, consumer culture, engineering, fashion, food & drink, etc.

  • Philanthropia: what does it mean to be human? For themes including neuroscience, psychology, physiology, medicine, etc.

  • The Natural Sphere: the science that is outside of our heads. For themes including zoology, non-human biology, chemistry, physics, etc.

  • The Artistic Sphere: the creative world. for themes including literature, music, art, theatre, politics, poetry and reviews (where such reviews will not become dated with passing issues).

Articles should be c,500-2,500 words in length, including a selected bibliography. Diagrams and images should be supplied, where relevant.

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